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Posted by Nashville Catholic Wrestling on Apr 23 2024 at 12:43PM PDT

Dear Parents,
We are quickly approaching our Legends fundraising season. For those unfamiliar with this part of our program, it is our main way of raising funds for Nashville Catholic Wrestling and involves us working as a team to man concessions at Nissan Stadium events. I have had a blast getting to meet and know many of you at these events in the past while working Titans games and listening to great music at various concerts.
We have worked very hard to expand opportunities for our wrestlers in the past few years. For NCW to continue to bring in out-of-state clinicians and pay for our kids to attend national events, parent participation is more necessary than ever. Due to a policy change, Legends will not allow anyone under 18 to participate this year. In the past, we were able to staff these events with almost 1/2 high schoolers which is going to drive our need for parent participation this year. Don’t forget to invite your friends to come and work with us as well.

Below is a breakdown of the number of events required to offset costs associated with NCW participation:

  • High School (If your child attends VA Beach Nationals)- We would expect a total of 5 events to be worked, one must be a Titans game. Example: If mom and dad both work Morgan Wallen on Friday night, that would be 2 events.
  • High School (w/o VA Beach Nationals)- While we do not have a specific number of events due to the fact that we are not offsetting a specific cost, we would appreciate all the help we can get. Remember, this money pays for travel in season as well as any camps and clinicians brought to Ryan free of cost to our student-athletes.
  • Middle School- To help offset season dues, we would expect a total of 3 events to be worked. While this is not required and dues can be paid at the start of the season in the fall, it is a great way to get to know many of the other parents in the program
  • Crumbsnatchers- Similar to MS, to help offset season dues we would expect a total of 2 events to be worked

    Raymond Dunning

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2023-2024 fundraising season!! We raised $31,800, of which, $22,000 came from our Nissan Stadium fundraising with Legends Hospitality. This fundraising allowed our wrestlers to travel and compete throughout the season to tournaments like Powerade, National Preps, and NHSCA in Virginia Beach. We were able to purchase weight room gear for all FRHS wrestlers, provide scholarships for NCW wrestlers, and bring in guest clinicians to run camps for our wrestlers.

We are looking forward to a great 2024-2025 season! Part of our success relies on our summer fundraising. There are several events we have agreed to volunteer for this season. Each event will require 18 volunteers. NEW THIS YEAR, all volunteers must be over the age of 18. Due to a minor serving in another state under Legends Hospitality they have changed their policy to not allow 16- and 17-year-old volunteers. They are working towards a solution and if/when it is changed we will pass that info along.

Thank you for helping make NCW a success! Please click an event below to sign up. TEAM training instructions are posted at the bottom of the email.

Michele Lampert

Click on an event below to sign up to volunteer.

1. Friday, May 3, Morgan Wallen Concert (
2. Saturday, May 4, Morgan Wallen Concert (
3. Friday, June 7, CMA Fest (Day 2) (
4. Saturday, June 8, CMA Fest (Day 3) (v
5. Saturday, June 29, Zach Bryan Concert (
6. Saturday, July 20, Def Leppard, Journey, Steve Miller Concert (
7. Saturday, August 3, Kenny Chesney Concert (
8. Titans Game – TBD
9. Titans Game – TBD

TEAM training is required for anyone that is 18+ years of age. (If you have a valid TABC card, that will work in place of TEAM. Please send us an email with a digital copy of that.) If you previously completed TEAM training it is valid for THREE years. If you are not sure, I have a list of those who have completed it.

Instructions & Troubleshooting for TEAM Training!
Online TEAM course
Instructions for TEAM alcohol management training:

· Click here to access:
· Training will take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete.
· View ALL slides and listen to ALL audio to satisfy the training completion criteria and reach the certification test.
· Use computer, tablet, or mobile device.
· Must have stable, strong internet, audio, and video.
· Approved browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
· If you do not plan to complete the training at one time, check “REMEMBER ME” box on the first screen. Return to the training from the same device and the same Wi-Fi connection.

After completion of training and exam, Legends at Nissan Stadium will receive your results and certification card

After completion, 2 things will happen:

1. Legends at Nissan Stadium will receive your results and certification card.
2. You will receive an email from the online training with your completion certificate. Please email your completion email to for our records.

If you have any trouble, first make sure you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

The only browsers the training platform supports are Safari (for Apple devices) and Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (for Android and Windows devices). Do NOT use the Incognito setting or any other browsers to access the training. If you have any trouble, please make sure you review the bullet points below.

Close all other browser windows (tabs) and other apps/programs running on the device.
· Pop-up blockers must be turned off.
· 3rd party cookies must be turned on.
· Toggling your Wi-Fi connection off and on may also fix the problem.
· Finally, try to close the browser completely and click on the link again to return to the training.

Only if you continue to have trouble, take a screenshot and email the screenshot to, please share that you are completing the training for the Legends at Nissan Stadium.